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    Gadget Sales & Service in Botswana and serving the Surrounding Areas! 
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    Gadget Sales & Service in Botswana and serving the Surrounding Areas! 
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Smart Office Collections

We bring in the next generation of smart offices with the rise of Building Management Systems. Now manage all aspects of your building- CCTV, Access Control, Fire, Electricals, Water from a single control room. Read on..

Smart Cameras

Wireless Cameras with sensors, 2 way communication

Access Control

Alerts on app, auto arm-disarm

Smart Fleet Solutions

Vehicle management solutions encompass a range of technologies and practices aimed at optimizing the utilization, maintenance, and overall efficiency of fleets of vehicles. These solutions typically involve the integration of software, hardware, and data analytics to streamline various aspects of fleet operations. From vehicle tracking and monitoring systems that provide real-time insights into vehicle location and performance to maintenance scheduling tools that help prevent breakdowns and reduce downtime, vehicle management solutions play a crucial role in enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and improving safety. By leveraging advanced technologies such as GPS tracking, telematics, and predictive analytics, businesses can better manage their fleets, optimize routes, monitor driver behavior, and ensure compliance with regulations. Ultimately, vehicle management solutions enable organizations to make data-driven decisions, increase operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge in today's dynamic transportation landscape.



Discover our hottest projector, CCTV, and vehicle tracking alarm combos defining our tech prowess! From cutting-edge projection systems to advanced surveillance setups and smart vehicle security, customize your gadgets to suit your needs


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