Concox OBD OB22
Concox OBD OB22
Concox OBD OB22
Concox OBD OB22
Concox OBD OB22
Concox OBD OB22
Concox OBD OB22

Concox OBD OB22

GPS+LBS Two Ways Positioning:

Multiple Geo-fences: 

When the device enters or leaves a geo-fence area, a text message will be sent to the SOS numbers. You can limit the range of your car's movement, which will help you exactly know the current situation of your car.

Voice Monitoring:

When the special number calls the device and keeps ringing for 10s, the device will enter voice monitoring status. You can monitor the sound around the device remotely whenever you want.

Multiple Alarms:

1. Plug Out Alarm

When OB22 is plugged out, the alarm will be triggered and notifications will be sent to SOS numbers and platform. This will help you pay attention to the device's status, and also can protect your car's safety and prevent the car being stolen from the thief.

2. SOS Alarm:

In emergent case, press SOS for 3s to activate SOS alarm. Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset specific numbers and then dial the numbers in cycles until the call is picked up, which will help resolve emergency and protect your safety.

3. GPRS Blocking Alarm

When GPRS is blocking and the Internet connection is not working properly, the device will send the SMS to SOS number, which can remind you of the status GPRS and status data uploading.

4. Over Speed Alarm:

If the item you tracked is over speed in a limited time and limited speed, you will receive the notification from the device. You can set the time and speed by yourself. This will help you to develop good driving habits and avoid unpleasant accidents.

5. Vibration Alarm

When the device vibrates several times, the vibration alarm will be triggered. The alarm will be sent to both the service platform and SOS numbers. This will help you know the status of your car, if there is someone else vibrates your car.

6. Low Battery Alarm

When the device is only working with battery, and the remaining battery capacity is less than 10%, the device will send low battery alarm to the SOS number and the platform, this will help remind you to charge the device and avoid missing monitoring

7. ACC Status Change Alarm

This is uploading for ACC status change. When the ACC status changes, the device will send SMS to you, which will help you be aware of the ignition status.

8. Real-time Tracking: Track by SMS/APP/Web

Whenever and wherever you want, you can know the item's location in time, which can help you really achieve the real-time tracking function.

9. Heartbeat Interval Setting

Normally we need a heartbeat packet to maintain the connection with the operators, without this function, the device's working status will be off.

In this state, the device will send a Heartbeat packet every few minutes to prevent the connection from being broken, which will help you to avoid data missing.

10. Mileage Statistics

The device will calculate mileage when the car starts (ACC ON), which can help you record your total driving distance, you can check how far you've driven.

11. LED Sleep Mode

If you don't want the LED normal display, you can set the LED sleep mode. In this mode, the LED won't flash. This is convenient to hide the device and will help save power.

12. Detect the Last Position Before Static Status

When the car is static, you will receive the position information from the device, it will help you faster and more accurately find where you stopped the car. Even if the car is stolen, once the car is on static status, you can immediately know where your car is.
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